Church and Hall Rental

Weddings, funerals, birthdays, family reunions, and meetings are some of the common events hosted at Peace Church.  We invite you to stop in for a tour of our beautiful facility.  Rental of the church and Fellowship Hall is open to members and non-members.  The use of our facilities by other denominations and outside pastoral staff for weddings and funerals is granted on a

case by case basis at our sole discretion.     

The Sanctuary seats 350 people.  Fellowship Hall seats 200 people

for a sit down event.  Tables and chairs are provided.  Peace

Church does not provide setup or tear down for any event.   

Rates vary based upon type of event and church membership

status.  The non-member rate for Fellowship Hall is $75 per hour. 

The non-member rate for a wedding is $1,575 for the Sanctuary

and $75 per hour for Fellowship Hall if needed.  Pricing for all

other events and member pricing can be obtained by contacting

the church directly.  We do require a on-site tour prior to booking.  

Please contact Jo (Church Administrator) in the church office at

402-289-1104 or stop by to talk to her and tour our facility.